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Veolia helps PSA reduce its footprint

Veolia is responsible for technical maintenance and soft services on 6 major sites and 19 satellite sites in France and a further site in Slovakia.

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Veolia provides facilities management services for three PSA Peugeot Citroën manufacturing sites in France as well as the company’s Trnava site in Slovakia. These services include property management, energy flow management, water and waste treatment, janitorial services for offices and workshops and more.
Named “Best Technical Supplier” by PSA in 2011 – the first service provider to receive that honor – Veolia serves as a strategic partner to PSA in identifying best practices to be deployed in facilities management.


Veolia’s strength lies in its ability to find synergies among its various areas of expertise. 
At the automaker’s Vesoul site, for example, 7,500 metric tons of wood packaging waste is recovered and converted to energy in a biomass boiler that came on stream in 2012. The new boiler is the first of its kind at a PSA facility.
The energy optimization plan in Sochaux included an initiative to capture waste heat that would otherwise be lost, as well as the installation of one of France’s largest photovoltaic power plants.
In Mulhouse, Veolia helped reduce PSA’s carbon footprint by replacing the fuel oil previously used to power the factory with natural gas.
In all, Veolia’s campaign for energy efficiency at PSA has yielded energy savings of 17% at the automaker’s production sites.

Louis Barberger,
Directeur des Opérations

We are currently taking steps to expand our R&D initiatives in automotive part recycling, materials recovery and vehicle eco-design in order to meet PSA’s goals for sustainable development.


Key figures

  • 4,800 photovoltaic panels installed, producing 1.25 GW annually
  • A 3 MW biomass plant to power the site


Customer benefits

  • Smaller environmental footprint
  • Energy and materials recovery



  • Operation and maintenance of energy facilities and management services

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4,800 photovoltaic panels installed

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