Destruction of the Kakhovka dam: Veolia in support of Ukraine

On June 6, the Ukrainian population suffered terrible floods after the destruction of the Kakhova dam.
In support of the solidarity operations carried out by the Crises and Support Center (CDCS) of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, the Veolia Foundation provided mobile water treatment units.

After the dispatch of tens of tons of equipment to help the Ukrainian population on June 9, further shipments were sent on June 15 and 16 to the NGO Solidarités International, which is operating in the field. They included 5 mobile water treatment units - Aquaforces 2000 - provided by the Veolia Foundation. Each of them will supply up to 10,000 people a day*.

Marie Gaveriaux, a Veoliaforce volunteer, was in the field from June 26 to 30 to ensure the transfer of skills to enable the NGO's teams to deploy these stations. Marie has been a volunteer since 2019, and it’s not her first mission. She sees her commitment to the Foundation as quite clear.  

It gives a real meaning to my job, and above all it brings us back to basics and to our real purpose: providing water to people in vital need. I'm very proud to be able to play a part in this. I come back from each mission stronger. There is  always something to learn, both on a technical and a human point of view.

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*Humanitarian standards are 20 liters per person, per day.