Energy transition: discover our sustainable energy solutions

As we get ready to celebrate the 10th World Energy Day, at a time when France and the entire world is being encouraged to moderate its energy use, Veolia, a group focused on working for a sustainable tomorrow, is advocating for far-reaching transformation.

Positive green energy, waste as resource, energy efficiency strategies, and much more. The solutions already exist.
And you can discover them today on PlanetLive.

Universal access to energy

This is the message promoted every year on October 22 as we celebrate World Energy Day. But there are still 1.5 billion people worldwide living without access to electricity. This sobering reality demands greater international cooperation and coordination between countries with advanced economies and those with economies that are still developing. The key challenge is twofold: provide energy to all, but energy that is sustainable. For Veolia, partner to cities and industrial customers around the world, this is also an opportunity to highlight its unrivalled expertise in energy efficiency, operating heating and cooling networks, and producing renewable energy.

Sustainable energy: the solutions exist

And you can find out about them here on PlanetLive, the online magazine from Veolia. Read on to discover more about innovative solutions for cutting energy use and CO2 emissions at wastewater treatment plants, using landfill sites to produce biogas, rolling out energy efficiency solutions, and much more. In the face of severe energy and economic crises, Veolia is shifting the dial with its innovative sustainable solutions, seeing the current emergency as a major opportunity for growing awareness of the need for far-reaching transformation.
Veolia is ready to meet the energy transition challenge. Starting now.


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