Estelle Brachlianoff : “Veolia is the missing link in ecological transformation in the United States”

Estelle Brachlianoff, Directrice générale de Veolia

The Deep Dive “Veolia in the U.S.” organised on 18th April, is part of a series dedicated to GreenUp, the Group’s strategic plan, and focuses on Veolia’s key drivers and ambition.

With an already well-established footprint and resolutely forward-looking ambitions, Veolia is positioning itself as the key player in the environmental transition in the United States. Thanks to its multidisciplinary expertise in water, waste, and energy, Veolia provides concrete solutions to the crucial challenges the country is facing. Its GreenUp 2024-2027 strategic program makes it the essential link to enable sustainable and responsible growth in the United States.

Veolia in the U.S.

Present in the United States for over 150 years, Veolia has considerably accelerated its development in the country over the past ten years. With revenues more than doubling in five years to reach $5.4 billion in 2023, the Group has now established itself as one of the leaders in the environmental sector in the country.

The country’s largest private water operator, serving more than 1 in 13 people in the U.S.

water treatment plant operated in the U.S

$5.4 billion 
revenue in 2023

With a workforce of 12,000 employees, Veolia's teams operate more than 100 industrial sites across the country. The Group is the leading private water operator in the United States, number one in water technologies, and number three in regulated water and hazardous waste treatment.

"This solid local presence, combined with world-class expertise, enables Veolia to provide tailored solutions to the specific environmental challenges of different regions in the United States. "We are deeply rooted in local communities across the country, creating wealth locally," emphasizes Estelle Brachlianoff, CEO of Veolia.

Estelle Brachlianoff, Direction générale, Veolia

A comprehensive portfolio of environmental solutions

At the heart of Veolia's offering in the United States is a comprehensive portfolio of integrated solutions in water, waste, and energy. A differentiating asset that allows the group to provide a global response to environmental challenges, whether it is decarbonization, resource regeneration, or depollution.

Treating water in the U.S. 

In the water sector, Veolia manages 416 drinking water production and distribution facilities, as well as wastewater treatment plants. The Group serves more than 27 million people across the country.

In parallel, Veolia’s water technologies business weighs in at $1.7 billion, with a portfolio of more than 10,000 patented processes and technologies produced at 24 dedicated sites.

Treating hazardous waste in the U.S. 

Hazardous waste treatment, which accounts for 25% of Veolia's US revenue, relies on a network of more than 40 specialized industrial facilities.

Each year, 840,000 tons of hazardous waste are captured, contained, neutralized, and recovered by the group.

"GreenUp means greening; not green, but greening, that is making things previously incompatible with ecological transformation compatible with it," explains Estelle Brachlianoff, "It means having Veolia recognized as the missing link in ecological transformation, even more than today and everywhere. And GreenUp means now, because demand won't wait!"

Estelle Brachlianoff, Directrice générale de Veolia

The GreenUp Strategic Program: enabling sustainable growth

To meet these challenges and seize the opportunities offered by the American market, Veolia has launched its GreenUp strategic program for 2024-2027. This ambitious roadmap aims to establish the group as the essential link in ecological transformation, not only in the United States but worldwide.

For the United States specifically, Veolia has set itself ambitions objectives :

Doubling in size by 2030, with a 50% increase by 2027.

Avoiding 600,000 tons of CO2 emissions by 2027, saving 31,7b gal. of water, and treating 2 million tons of hazardous waste – more than double the current volume.

"With GreenUp, Veolia will be established as the missing link in ecological transformation. The only complete answer to the challenges, the only all-in-one solution, for all private and public stakeholders, across the globe and particularly in the United States,", concludes Estelle Brachlianoff.

Through its comprehensive environmental expertise, its local presence, and its ambitious GreenUp program, Veolia is positioning itself as the indispensable partner for enabling sustainable and value-creating growth in the United States. By providing concrete solutions to the country's major ecological challenges, the group is committed to being the catalyst for a successful environmental transition on American soil.