GreenUp: Veolia unveils its new strategic program 2024-2027

GreenUp new strategic program 2024-2027 of Veolia : Presentation by Estelle Brachlianoff

On February 29, 2024, Veolia presented its new 2024 - 2027 strategic program. Entitled "GreenUp", it should enable Veolia to be recognized everywhere and by everyone as the missing link in the ecological transformation, by accelerating the deployment of concrete solutions while stimulating innovation to depollute, decarbonize and regenerate our resources. The aim: to protect health, quality of life and purchasing power, for an ecology that greens, transforms and protects.

Three growth boosters

At the heart of Veolia's strategic acceleration program, three strategic boosters stand out: local energy and bioenergies, water technologies and new solutions, and hazardous waste treatment. 4 billion euros of growth investments are planned, including 2 billion prioritised on the three strategic boosters. These high value-added offerings not only mark the evolution of Veolia's activities towards the development of new technologies, but also serve as key differentiators in the Group's strongholds of water, district heating and cooling networks, and solid waste.

A context of multiple crises

Marked by the rise of populism, the crisis in purchasing power and oppositions between blocs, and in a complex political, economic and social context, the ecological crisis is gaining momentum, marking the need for a profound change within our societies. In a world of multiple paradoxes, between climate denial and ecological pause, Veolia offers a third way. An ecology that transforms and protects. An ecology that greens, for real, and for a long time to come!

Decarbonize, depollute and regenerate 

GreenUp sets specific ecological objectives, aimed at making Veolia the champion of decarbonization, depollution and regeneration of natural resources. From eliminating 18 million metric tons of CO2 from its customers' carbon footprints by 2027 to treating 10 million metric tons of hazardous waste, Veolia's ambitions are measured not just in euros, but in tangible ecological impact. Finally, Veolia will invest €2 billion to support these growth boosters, doubling its investments to €200 million dedicated to industrial pilots and the acquisition of new technologies. Thanks to all these parameters, 70% of revenue growth will be generated with boosters. 

Technological and social innovation 

The Group is also positioning itself as a gas pedal of technological and social innovation. From the use of generative artificial intelligence to carbon capture technologies, the Group is investing heavily in innovation to develop the solutions of tomorrow. Social innovation too, with Veolia Cares, a common base of social protection launched by Veolia in 2023, and aimed at establishing 5 common pillars for its 213,000 employees worldwide.

Ecological awareness must now be channeled into effective action that protects rather than punishes, that reconciles the economy with ecology, and human health with the environment. This is the aim of our new strategic program: GreenUp! With GreenUp, Veolia becomes the best catalyst of ecological transformation for cities and industries, ready to seize the opportunities created by the demand of populations everywhere in the world.

Estelle Brachlianoff, CEO of Veolia
Estelle Brachlianoff,
CEO of Veolia.

With GreenUp, Veolia affirms its essential role in the global ecological transformation. By accelerating the deployment of innovative solutions and investing massively in technological and social innovation, the group is positioning itself as a key player in building a more sustainable and desirable future.