Hubgrade by Veolia: the innovative alliance of AI and human excellence for a sustainable future

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Veolia announces the launch of Hubgrade by Veolia, a brand new range of digital services redefining the landscape of environmental resources. Launched at the Smart City Expo World Congress taking place in Barcelona from November 7 to 9, this new offering, which combines the power of data, artificial intelligence (AI) with the global expertise of our experts, makes it possible to simultaneously pilot the production and consumption of water, energy and waste. The objective: helping cities and industries to optimise their resources management and save them in a sustainable manner.

A brand new range of digital services

At the Smart City Expo World Congress, the world's largest trade fair dedicated to the smart city, Veolia introduced its new range of digital services called "Hubgrade by Veolia". A tool for ecological evolution, Hubgrade by Veolia is more than just a solution. What sets it apart? It's an unprecedented synergy, merging the power of digital technology and advanced artificial intelligence (AI), combined with the know-how of the Group's experts in the fields of water, waste and energy. The new range of Veolia Hubgrade services is designed to decarbonize, regenerate, save resources and de-pollute our planet.

Aude Giard, Digital Group Digital Director at Veolia, underlines the importance of this innovative approach: "In today's world, our customers face immense environmental challenges and often have to make quick decisions on complex issues. Veolia Hubgrade, our new range of digital services combined with the global expertise of our environmental specialists, offers a unique response tailored to their challenges to accelerate their ecological transformation."

Aude Giard, Digital Group Digital Director de Veolia

Veolia Hubgrade, a high-performance tool

Hubgrade is distinguished by its dual nature: on the one hand, the world of data-driven digital performance, and on the other, the world of human expertise and excellence. This duality offers our customers an unrivalled proposition: digital solutions and data analytics combined with an international team of experts working in partnership with them. The result? A globally tested and locally adapted environmental resource management solution, combining innovation and efficiency.

At the heart of Hubgrade's capabilities lies its ability to transform the management of critical resources. Combined with the power of data, Veolia Hubgrade's offering provides not only high-performance operations, but also co-creative solutions. In this way, Veolia positions itself alongside its customers, to support them in their ambitious objectives to decarbonize their activities. In this way, the Group makes the Veolia Hubgrade solution available to its customers to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

 In key figures, Hubgrade by Veolia is:

More than 10,000 connected sites for municipalities, industries and commercial institutions

More than 3,000 successful greenhouse gas emission studies

A team of over 450 dedicated data scientists and experts at your service

More than 60 Hubgrade Centers  in 20 countries

Energy efficiency in Dubai

Veolia has been working with its partner Majid Al Futtaim since 2015 on a major energy efficiency contract for the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA). Objective: to reduce water and energy consumption in 7 public buildings by 30%. The energy efficiency plan implemented by Veolia saw the installation of a Hubgrade control center, enabling the Group to support Dubai in its "Vision 2030" sustainable development approach.

Optimising facilities at Coca-Cola's Weston plant

In 2019, the Coca-Cola Weston plant in Canada called on Veolia to set up a Hubgrade intelligent control center. The aim: to optimize their facilities and better control the quality of the plant's wastewater, thanks to the support of Group experts and the data collected by Veolia Hubgrade. The convergence of human expertise and data quickly enabled the Coca-Cola plant to solve technical problems, reduce non-compliance events thanks to real-time monitoring, and optimize water treatment operations and processes.

Join the Hubgrade by Veolia transformation

With Hubgrade, innovation is your ally. Data and expertise converge to create solutions that inspire growth and sustainability. Join us in shaping a world where environmental resource management is not just a necessity, but a choice for performance and environmental protection. 

Welcome to Hubgrade, where digital solutions meet human expertise.