Impact Measurement Summit - Veolia partners with two working groups on the role and impact of the company

Impact Measurement Summit organized by Impact tank

The latest Impact Measurement Summit was held on Thursday, April 18, 2024, organized by Impact Tank, the first European think-and-do-tank* dedicated to social initiatives that have a positive economic impact. As a partner, Veolia shared, in various working groups, its vision of the value and role of the company based on three inseparable pillars: its purpose, its multifaceted performance results, and its stakeholder engagement.

The commitment of companies in the territories

Launched in 2023 and concluded at the Impact Measurement Summit, the first working group identified and analyzed impact initiatives carried out by medium and large companies - through their commercial activities, their CSR or patronage actions - which address the major challenges of rural, suburban areas, small and medium-sized cities. Notable challenges include employment, integration and training, mobility, attractiveness, the creation of social links, housing and food.

The "Measuring the Social Impact & Territorial Anchoring of Companies" report from this working group was made public during the Summit. It includes concrete recommendations presenting key success factors, the results and levers for scaling promising solutions.

Veolia presented a concrete case of multifaceted performance applications in the contract with La Mé, in the Ivory Coast, as well as the "+1, for an ecology in actions" device, a necessary cooperation tool for the good governance of a project in regions where Veolia is active.

Presentation of the report Impact tank in the presence of Minister Olivia Grégoire

Presentation of the report in the presence of Minister Olivia Grégoire
 1: Isabelle Aprile (Sodexo); 2: Louis Raynaud de Lage (Bartle); 3: Camille Bockel (Axa); 4: Jérôme Schatzman (ESSEC); 5: Jacques Berger (Action Tank Entreprise et Pauvreté); 6: Géraldine Olivier (Fnac-Darty); 7: Alain Di Crescenzo (National Federation of Savings Banks); 8: David Sève (Nature & Discoveries); 9: Olivia Grégoire; 10: Jean-Marc Borello (SOS Group); 11: Agnès Audier (Impact Tank); 12: Timothée Duverger (Sciences Po Bordeaux); 13: Bernard Bazillon (KPMG); 14: Tony Bernard (Impact Tank); 15: Dalila Habbas (Biocoop); 16: Yann Queinnec (Admical); 17: Cédric Conrad (Loxam) 
Photo credit Impact tank

Fanny Demulier, Purpose and stakeholder relations director at Veolia, spoke at the Summit alongside Timothée Duverger, Engineer and Head of the ESS Chair Territories (TerrESS), and rapporteur of the report. She emphasized the importance of corporate engagement in territories, a central issue in the overall strategy and aims of the Veolia Group. 

Measure the impact of the company on human and natural ecosystems

A round table on the theme of "the regenerative company" took place in the presence of Fanny Demulier (Veolia), Geoffroy Dufay (AXA Climate), Bénédicte De Gorostarzu (Terideal), Christophe Sempels (LUMIA), Laurent Félix (Ekimetrics), Johan Clémançon (Butterfly School) and Elodie Jimenez (sociologist).

Regeneration involves rethinking the company and its role in its ecosystem, by creating the right conditions for an ecosystem to develop its potential. A vision that Veolia shares: stakeholders and cooperation within territories are the sine qua non condition to accelerate ecological transformation and strengthen the ambition to decarbonize, depollute and regenerate resources.

The reflection on the company's impact on ecosystems will continue within the framework of a dedicated working group, launched during the Impact Measurement Summit, and whose work will be presented to the relevant ministry next year.

*Think tank, ideas and action proposals laboratory.

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