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Learn everything you need to know about the ecological transformation thanks to the “Culture Green” app from Veolia

“What can we do to fight climate change?” “Recycle – sure, but where to start?” “Protect the bees – OK, but why is it important? ”

Protecting the environment has become a shared objective for all those citizens who are now turning the ecological transformation into a common vision for our future. Yet they are exposed to information that they often find too complicated to know what action needs taking. Because understanding is the first step towards taking action, Veolia has designed "Culture Green", a programme of weekly quizzes to enable everyone to acquire an expert’s knowledge about the ecological transformation, whether it be with your family, at work or with friends.


The programme is intended for all French-speaking audiences

Culture Green is a 10-minute quiz that is both educational and fun, and is free and accessible to all every week for a year. With a wide range of content concerning all the aspects of the ecological transformation that are constantly in the news, it will help us all to better understand the issues and the options available for action. There are also points to be gained to help support an impact project.


Culture Green: an eco-designed web application

Culture Green has been designed from the outset to consume as little energy as possible. Designed in a sober style with minimalist cut-out illustrations, the application offers a fun user experience, accessible from an iOS or Android smartphone, a computer or a tablet.


Set yourself a challenge with your family, at work or with friends

“Protect the bees – OK, but why is it important?” “The life, death and resurrection of a plastic bottle”, “How to cool down our cities without warming the planet”,“Indoor air, the phantom menace”, etc. Every week, on the bus, during their lunch break, when lying on their sofa or sitting at their desk, users will be invited to take a quiz on a topical environmental theme. Personalized responses enriched by background content (in the form of interviews, studies, articles, videos and graphs) will enlighten users on the ecological issues of the present and the future so they can expand their knowledge. In each quiz, players accumulate points that are counted towards a final score


The right to a second chance

All you have to do is repeat the test in order to recover any lost points. Acting a little like your own environmental culture coach, Culture Green helps players understand how to act.


At Veolia, we are convinced that to have an impact, this transformation requires the mobilisation of each and every one of us. It is by establishing a dialogue with all of our stakeholders, involving them and supporting them that we can together contribute to meeting the challenge of the century, explains Romain Prudent of Veolia's Communications Department in France.


Culture Green also provides support for impactful projects

By answering as many quizzes as possible, each user of Culture Green helps support a project to protect the environment. Every three months, as soon as the cumulative scores of all players reach 100,000 points, Veolia will double the amount of its financial support to a start-up or a project with an environmental impact that has been selected as a prizewinner as part of the programme. #MakeItGreen organised in partnership with Ulule.