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Partnership with Télécom Paris: Veolia presents its industrial solutions to future digital engineers

On Thursday, 21 September, Veolia was present at the Télécom Paris engineering school, which trains the digital experts of tomorrow. As part of a sponsorship agreement between Veolia and Télécom Paris, the Group was able to demonstrate to students some of the many digital solutions it has developed to meet the challenges of ecological transformation.

A day dedicated to Veolia

For one day, Veolia took over Télécom Paris, one of France's top engineering schools, to present its digital and data industrial solutions. In total, some fifteen experts from various Veolia entities (RVD, Water in France, Birdz, SARP, DB&T and DEST) got involved and presented numerous solutions to the students, potential future employees of the Group.  

The day was part of Veolia's class sponsorship program, which involves following and supporting the class of 2025 at the Télécom Paris engineering school throughout their three-year engineering course. The aim is to raise students' awareness of the challenges of ecological transformation and to promote our solutions to future digital engineers, while inviting them to join the Group as part of their internships or when they graduate. 

 The sponsorship agreement between Télécom Paris and Veolia also enables to promote the impact of new technologies to students: the Veolia solutions presented on this special occasion are concrete proof for students that the training they receive at Télécom Paris prepares them to become key players in ecological transformation.

As sponsor of the Class of 2025, Veolia is committed to supporting them in a number of ways:   by opening its doors to them, offering them opportunities within the Group, and by encouraging exchanges between students and its experts. In this way, students are able to discover Veolia’s businesses and solutions, in particular through dedicated meetings or research projects for certain specialized masters degrees

Solutions for tomorrow's world  

On this day dedicated to Veolia's innovative solutions,  there were 15 presentation stands with  experts discussing projects built around data, digital technology and artificial intelligence.  

Among these solutions, Veolia showcased its "GreenPath" offer, a portfolio of 100 solutions identified in Veolia’s areas of expertise in water, energy and waste, making it possible to reduce emissions by up to 80% in the areas covered by Veolia's technologies.

As part of its smart monitoring services based on the intelligent use of data, Veolia also presented Hubgrade, which makes it possible to remotely visualize, evaluate and optimize the management of energy, water and waste. This intelligent hypervision center is deployed around the world.

Work-study programs and internships: Veolia's commitment to young people  

For Veolia, work-study training is the best way to help students find their way into employment in the field of ecological transformation. Every year, the Group welcomes and trains more than 2,000 work-study students and more than 900 interns in France.

 In 2023, Veolia was awarded the "Label Engagement Jeunes" (Youth Commitment Label) that is given to companies that demonstrate a serious commitment  to providing opportunities for students. The Group is one of the "best in class" with the highest satisfaction scores, and Veolia was singled out in the HR Policy category. 

"Veolia has set itself ambitious targets for recruiting young talent, with almost 2,500 work-study positions and 1,000 internships”, says Justine Mora, Director of Talent and Executive Development at Veolia.

"Our priority is to find profiles that can be integrated into the Group over the long term.  Work-study programs - like internships - are a first step towards a career at Veolia. We're looking for talented people who can develop over the long term. After this initial experience, they can turn it into a permanent contract in France or abroad. Training is crucial to Veolia's future!”

Key figures for Veolia's work-study programs in France: 

  • By 2022, 2,000 work-study students were recruited in France by Veolia, i.e. 4% of the company’s 
  • workforce 
  • +25% more work-study students in France in just five years 
  • More than 7,000 employees are under 30 in France 
  • A single consolidated network of professionals with numerous internal opportunities