Veolia’s Foundation student solidarity award: Encouraging innovation and student commitment

Estelle Brachlianoff presents for the Student Solidarity Award

Veolia recently announced the launch of the Student Solidarity Prize 2024, an annual event carried out each year for the past 15 years by the Veolia Foundation. Until April 30, 2024, student associations will be able to submit their general interest project for a chance to win an endowment and benefit from the expertise of a Group expert. Since its creation, the Student Solidarity Prize has highlighted 45 winning associations around the world, underlining the positive impact of these initiatives on society.

Student involvement in solidarity

The Student Solidarity Award recognizes innovative projects initiated by student associations in higher education, in line with the Veolia Foundation's main areas of action. The aim of this award is to recognize the essential contribution of young people, particularly students, and to encourage innovation and solidarity. The Veolia Foundation wishes to support concrete actions that respond to social, environmental and development challenges.

A true catalyst for social and environmental innovation driven by young students, this Prize offers students the opportunity to turn their ideas into reality and actively contribute to solving contemporary challenges. In this way, student solidarity finds a significant echo in this initiative, underlining the importance of collective commitment to building a more sustainable and desirable future.


Student Solidarity Award

Three priority pillars

The Prize is open to student associations in France and French-speaking countries.
Eligible projects must fall within one of the Veolia Foundation's three priority areas of intervention:

Humanitarian emergencies and development aid:

Initiatives that help alleviate humanitarian crises and promote development in affected regions.

Social ties and support for employment:

Projects designed to strengthen social ties within student communities and facilitate young people's access to the world of work.

Protecting the environment and biodiversity:

Actions that work to preserve the environment, biodiversity and promote a sustainable approach.

A reward worthy of the challenge:

At the end of this competition, the winners will have the opportunity to receive a substantial financial endowment, allocated according to the specific needs of their respective projects. What's more, they will benefit from the invaluable technical support of their sponsors, Veolia Group employees who are ready to share their expertise and guide the winners in bringing their initiatives to fruition. Please note that applications will close on April 30, giving students a limited time to submit their innovative projects.

It's up to you!

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