Industrial dismantling: a challenging operation

We provide comprehensive expertise for dismantling trains, ships and even oil platforms. The aim? To guard against new threats such as asbestos or hazardous waste, and to protect the environment and people.
usine de démantèlement à Troyes

Every day, an increasing number of industrial facilities and equipment come to the end of their useful life: this represents considerable challenges in terms of decontamination and refurbishment.

Dismantling: A delicate operation

The challenge of dismantling is to deconstruct a structure, while ensuring safety, environmental protection and minimizing costs, but also to treat the materials resulting from this process and to remediate the soil, so that everything can be reused.

Leveraging our experience in waste treatment and the recovery of various materials, we can provide our expertise in industrial dismantling activities.

The various steps for safe dismantling

Veolia offers a complete range of expertise in dismantling operations, from logistics to deconstruction and material processing.

Managing the end of industrial cycles efficiently and safely involves several steps:

  • Studying and planning the work involved to draw up a dismantling plan
  • Closure of the area
  • Logistics
  • Securing and cleaning the area
  • Disconnecting equipment
  • Removing asbestos
  • Deconstruction
  • Characterization and reduction of the volume of waste
  • Recovery of recyclable materials
  • Hazardous waste treatment
  • Remediation of polluted soil and site rehabilitation
  • Traceability and monitoring.


  • You have access to comprehensive expertise
  • You recover energy and materials
  • You reduce your environmental footprint

What are the benefits for you as an industrial concern, city or service sector operator?

recyclage et valorisation dechets à Troyes

We did it!

Shetland Island

United Kingdom

Dismantling North Sea offshore oil and gas platforms

In partnership with Peterson and the Lerwick Port Authority, we have created an offshore oil and gas platform dismantling operation with a material recovery rate of up to 98%. The UK, the Netherlands, Denmark and Norway are the main countries involved.



Dismantling 317 end-of-life RER trains in Torvilliers

In 2014, the RATP entrusted us with the dismantling, asbestos removal and recycling of 317 end-of-life RER A trains. As a result, 97% of the 16,000 metric tons of material was recovered as secondary raw materials, including 85% of steel sold to the steel industry and 10% of other ferrous metals sold to refiners.



Breaking the Jeanne d'Arc, an emblematic ship of the French Navy, in Bordeaux

The French Navy called on us to completely break the Jeanne d'Arc and recover its component materials. This result was a 90% recovery of the materials to be recycled (scrap metal, WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment), etc.

Watch the video on breaking the Jeanne d’Arc.

Find out also how we give a second life to materials recovered from dismantling offshore oil platforms in the United Kingdom.