Plastics recycling, an ecological emergency

We recycle and recover plastic waste. The aim? Save resources and offer a real alternative to the production of virgin plastics.
déchets de plastiques dans l'océan

Recycling plastics: what are the challenges?

Currently, just 9% of plastics are recycled worldwide. But global production is increasing all the time, dominated by China, followed by Europe and the countries of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Production is forecast to triple by 2050.

Without proper collection and recycling, plastics affect our environment, harm the planet and have a long-lasting impact on ecosystems. We have to act now, and provide the appropriate solutions.

déchets plastiques dans les océans

As a founder member of the Alliance to End Plastic Waste (AEPW), alongside over 80 member businesses from the entire plastics value chain (producers, users and recyclers), we are committed to contributing $1.5 billion to help eliminate plastic waste from the environment, particularly the oceans.

Our solutions for plastic recycling

We have the expertise needed to process several types of resins, which can then be reused by our industrial customers. These include polyethylene (HDPE or LDPE), used in packaging or construction, as well as polypropylene (PP), used in the automotive industry, construction, furniture and household appliances or polyethylene terephthalate (PET) present mainly in the Packaging and Textile sectors.

We provide an alternative to virgin material by recovering plastic waste.The plastic waste recycling can be broken down into different stages:

  • collecting and transporting waste to recycling centers;
  • sorting to separate out plastic, paper, card, metal, etc. before the different types of plastic are re-sorted;
  • shredding to turn the plastics into flakes;
  • washing to remove impurities;
  • formulation to achieve the product quality and technical specifications required by the customer;
  • extrusion to regenerate the material (pellets) before it is reincorporated into industrial production processes;
  • creation of ready-to-use circular polymers.

Our circular polymers offering: PlastiLoop

In order to support our industrial clients in their transformation, Veolia launches PlastiLoop, our new brand of ready-to-use recycled resins.

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  • Source of secondary raw materials with the same quality as virgin material
  • Oil consumption is reduced and resources protected
  • Help to cut CO2 emissions

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usine de Kikukawa recyclage du plastique

We did it!

Retailing recyclable plastic packaging made from recycled plastic

Thanks to our plastic recycling solutions, Anglo-Dutch group Reckitt now uses several recycled plastics in packaging for its Finish Quantum Ultimate cleaning products. This move reflects Reckitt’s pledge to make 100% of its plastic packaging recyclable, and to contain at least 25% recycled content, by 2025.


The Netherlands
Manufacturing a 100% recycled paint pot

We joined forced with Koninklijke Van Wijhe Verf and Dijkstra Plastics, to introduce a paint pot made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, using recycled resins already used by consumers. We process the plastic into granules and Dijkstra Plastics then turns this into paint pots for Koninklijke Van Wijhe Verf and its Wijzonol paint brand.

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