COP22: Recycling plastic to fight climate change

On Saturday 12 November at COP22 in Marrakech, Pierre Victoria, Veolia's Sustainable Development Director, presented the solutions developed by the Group for recycling plastic. The development of a more circular plastic economy would significantly reduce GHG emissions.

300 million tonnes (Mt) of oil based plastics are produced per year. The development of the circular economy in this sector would help reduce consumption of natural resources and the greenhouse gas emissions inherent in plastic production. The plastic recycling targets set by the European Union are to avoid the emission of 8 Mt of CO2 by 2020 and 13 Mt by 2025.

Veolia collects and sorts 250,000 tonnes of plastic per year and recycles one billion PET bottles its plant at Rostock, in Germany, thus avoiding 100,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions (equivalent to the emissions produced by 14,000 Europeans) per year.

Since June, the Group has been a key partner in the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's "The New Plastics Economy initiative” , whose mission is to develop a new approach to the plastic economy based on circular economy principles.


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