The Electrical Flexibility to ensure network reliability

Flexcity: good electrical flexibility to ensure network reliability

What’s Electrical Flexibility?

Electric flexibility is an answer to a growing intermittency of generation and consumption of electricity.

Flexcity is a leader in the field of energy technology, and makes sure to always be at the forefront of innovation to provide new services to its partners, always with the ambition to balance and decarbonize national power grids.

Electrical Flexibility Solution

Veolia’s energy-efficiency solutions are a tremendous opportunity to establish the energy independence of our clients.
Flexcity, a subsidiary of Veolia, is a leading player in the European electrical flexibility market. It provides electrical network operators with flexible energy consumption and consumption via its expertise in intelligent energy optimization services to help secure their networks by ensuring a balance between electricity supply and demand. 

Flexcity supports industrial and tertiary sites to generate new revenue streams with their electricity-consuming and producing assets thanks to Veolia’s expertise in electric flexibility, demand response, and load shifting.

Play a new role in the energy transition and the national security of power supply

Flexcity offers solutions to leverage the electrical flexibility of thousands of consumer or producer sites.

Through its technological platform, the state of the electrical network is constantly monitored, and an alert is issued when there is a significant difference between consumption and production. Partner sites are then asked to temporarily adjust their electricity production or consumption, in exchange for compensation. This modulation capacity helps to compensate for imbalances in the electrical network during peak consumption periods or when there is excess electricity on the grid (due to too much solar and/or wind energy).

Since electricity grids have to be continuously balanced to avoid blackouts, precise management of consumption and production is necessary to ensure network stability. Therefore, in case of excess electricity on the grid, production needs to be reduced or electrical consumption needs to be increased. In case of electricity shortage, production needs to be increased or electrical consumption needs to be reduced (load shedding).

How to valorize your electric flexibility?

Electrical flexibility of networks, Flexcity process, Veolia

Discover the electric flexibility potential of your asset

Electrical flexibility Consumer technologies

How Flexcity can support you?

  • Identifying the potential of your electric flexibility and evaluating your flexible power and availability.
  • Implementing the required framework to maximize the value of your flexibility without impacting your daily activities and ensuring it meets your technical requirements.
  • Offering your flexibility on various services at the best prices for you, leveraging our expertise and providing daily opportunities.
  • Ensuring you receive your remunerations and keeping you updated on regulatory developments.

Offers dedicated to the water industry

Electrical consumption represents a significant portion of the operational costs of potable water treatment and wastewater treatment sites. That is why Veolia has developed dedicated offers that meet the specific needs of each type of site: potable water production, pumping stations, wastewater treatment plants, etc. Flexcity can adjust the start-up and shutdown of electrical installations while ensuring treatment quality.

Making the energy transition a reality

  • Securing your electrical supply by increasing flexibility and stability.
  • Adapting your energy consumption to the needs of the electrical network to reduce energy costs or generate additional revenue.
  • Playing an active role in your energy transition marked by the electrification of energy consumption.
  • Integrating more renewable energies by compensating for the intermittent nature of solar or wind energy through constant electrical network monitoring and real-time modulation.

What’s the Smart Grid technologies and electrical flexibility implemented added value by Flexcity?

Electrical flexibility with Flexcity from Veolia

We did it!

Aquiris - Belgium

Electrical flexibility: the Aquiris water treatment plant, Belgium, uses different electrical installations

The water treatment plant Aquiris uses different electrical installations to ensure its activities. By engaging with Flexcity, Aquiris optimizes and valorizes its own site.

Beneo Orafti - Belgium

Electrical flexibility: Beneo Orafti, Belgium

The Oreye site of Beneo Orafti has decided to participate in the new market of the Belgian secondary reserve (aFRR) with its gas turbine and thanks to the Flexcity expertise. While creating a new revenue stream, this participation takes into account the site process to avoid any impacts on its activity.

Thy-Marcinell - Belgium

Electrical flexibility: Thy-Marcinell, Belgium

Thanks to demand response services, important industrial processes can be valorized. It’s the case of Thy-Marcinelle: they have engaged themselves with Flexcity to create new profitable and environmental opportunities for its site.

VPK - Belgium

Electrical flexibility: VPK, Belgium

VPK monetizes energy flexibility thanks to Demand Response services

Orange - France

Electrical flexibility: Orange, France

Since 2017, Orange uses Flexcity’s platform to monetize its backup batteries: create value on French Demand Response (DR) services from connected devices and operate them with Flexcity’s smart algorithms.

Systemec - Netherlands and Germany

Data centers, electrical flexibility: Systemec, Netherlands and Germany

Thanks to Flexcity’s solution, Systemec optimizes its emergency generators and engages itself in the energy transition of the Dutch electricity grid.

Veolia Water - France

Electrical flexibility: Veolia’s Water activity in France

Thanks to Flexcity’s expertise, the Water activity of Veolia France valorizes the electric flexibility of hundreds of sites by operating storage capacity and natural inertia of drinking water and wastewater treatment processes.

Electrical flexibility: logo of Flexcity

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