Energy efficiency in managing the water cycle

We optimize the energy efficiency of the entire water cycle. The aim? To preserve natural resources and limit greenhouse gas emissions caused by the use of fossil fuels.

Rising energy costs, fewer fossil fuel resources and stricter regulations are driving local authorities to take a fresh look at how they management the water cycle.

We have developed a complete range of services for improving energy efficiency and producing renewable energy. We are also firmly committed to responsibly managing the 6,000-plus water and wastewater facilities we operate worldwide.

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According to the United Nations, 8% of the world's energy production is used for pumping, treating, and transporting water.


How to improve energy efficiency in the water cycle

What we do:

  • reduce and control the demand for energy;
  • optimize the operation and maintenance of facilities;
  • primary energy procurement;
  • produce and market green energy.

And for producing energy directly from wastewater, we install energy production units directly at water treatment plants. This allows us to use residual sludge from sewage treatment as a fuel.

We use a specially developed tool to model solutions that are the most appropriate and use the least amount of energy. The tool makes a very accurate estimate of the energy use of wastewater treatment plants. The data collected includes water quality, sludge and odor suppression.


  • Smaller environmental footprint
  • Lower costs
  • Focus on green energy sources


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Are you a council or local authority? What are the benefits for you?

site d'assainissement eau usées en Hongrie

We did it!



Make a wastewater treatment plant fully energy self-sufficient

Since 2016, the South Pest wastewater treatment plant in Hungary has been energy self-sufficient, thanks to our Ecrusor technology. This solution collects and treats biodegradable waste from local supermarkets and restaurants, as well as the plant's wastewater sludge. The biowaste is then used to produce biogas while packaging is recovered separately. Ecrusor has allowed the operator to process more than 100,000 metric tons a year of organic waste.


United States of America

Saving money and energy thanks to biogas

The sewage treatment plant in Gresham, USA, used to be the council’s largest single user of energy. Thank to our solutions for recovering sewage sludge as gas, it produces 92% of its power needs and has cut its monthly electricity bills by $40,000 to $50,000.

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