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Recycling waste to produce animal protein


Given the global food crisis with a population of 9 billion people expected by 2050 and the need to increase food production by 50%, what sustainable consumption solutions should we be putting in place? How can we make the most of our resources and provide concrete solutions for a circular economy? With the increase in population, if nothing is done not only humans but also animals will soon be short of food. However, what if bio-waste and insects could help us? The start-ups Entofood and Mutatec, in partnership with Veolia and its subsidiary SEDE, have begun breeding black soldier fly larvae on organic waste. The larvae are then processed to produce animal protein.

Harmless to humans, the black soldier fly is an insect found in subtropical areas on the American continent. Its strength lies in its appetite for organic waste when in the larval stage. 1 kg of black soldier fly eggs produces 6 metric tons of larvae in the space of 10 days. Fed on bio-waste, these larvae are processed to produce protein, oil or organic fertilizer. By 2040, 10% of the protein market could be insect-based.

Who are our customers? 

Agri-food industries and farmers

Veolia solution

In contact with organic waste, black soldier fly larvae feed and metabolize it to produce protein and fat.

The larvae reach the correct size after 3 to 4 weeks and are then washed, dried and crushed to make protein flour, oil or organic fertilizer.

Veolia is helping to combat food waste and produce new forms of animal feed by recovering bio-waste from agricultural products, the food industry, restaurants and consumers.

Benefits for our customers

Smaller environmental footprint

Fast production of high quality protein

Less food wastage

They chose this solution


Start-up Entofood

Entofood has set up a pilot black soldier fly breeding farm in Malaysia

Since 2012 and with the help of Veolia in particular, Entofood, has produced more than 7 billion black soldier fly eggs, 200 metric tons of larval biomass and used 1,000 metric tons of organic waste.



Start-up Mutatec

Based in the Bouches-du-Rhône, Mutatec develops black soldier fly breeding farms

Founded in 2015, Mutatec, with the help of Veolia in particular, uses black soldier flies and bio-waste to supply aquaculture and poultry farms.