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Sensitive products and confidential documents: secure handling and destruction


Recalled goods, medicines, bank statements, customs seizures, business contracts, chemical weapons... some products and documents need special attention because they are particularly sensitive or confidential. As it is important that they do not go back into the supply chain, cause harm or fall into the hands of ill-intentioned individuals, they have to be collected, destroyed and recovered in a secure manner.

There are regulations covering various scenarios, as in Europe with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) for example, which specifically requires companies, local authorities and administrations to secure confidential data, or in France under Article R1335-2 of the Public Health Code which requires anyone who produces waste from healthcare activities to dispose of it. Veolia ensures the safe destruction of these products, from pick-up to the recovery of any recyclable materials.

Who are our customers?

Industry and tertiary

Veolia solution

Transparent, secure support:

  • Provision of specific bins and collections 
  • Destruction of waste: shredding, incineration or landfill
  • Recycling for recyclable materials (paper, steel, glass, cardboard, plastic, etc.)
  • Traceability for the products and their destruction

Drawing on its waste management expertise, Veolia guarantees a high-quality service and reliable support for the secure destruction of sensitive and confidential products.

Benefits for our customers

Definitive destruction


Secure and compliant destruction


Confidential and secure management



Focus innovation

Introduction of Motus, a destruction system patented by Veolia  

In the Île-de-France region, Veolia has developed Motus, a system that securely handles sensitive documents (paper documents, folders, covers and cardboard or plastic inserts): installation of secure and locked containers, barcode identification of their location, collection by authorized Veolia personnel, transport by secure truck, destruction of documents on the Veolia site (with the option of witnessing it) and delivery of a destruction certificate. 

They chose this solution 



Implementation of solutions for the management of small-scale hazardous medical waste for health practitioners and laboratories

In the Île-de-France region, Veolia offers a "Pack [email protected]" (boxes, needle boxes, drums) that can be ordered online for small-scale hazardous medical waste. As in the case of hospitals, Veolia then guarantees timely removal and treatment.

Ellesmere Port

United Kingdom

Destruction of 194 metric tons of hazardous materials from Syrian chemical weapons

Under the terms of a hazardous waste treatment contract for the British Ministry of Defence’s Disposals Service Authority, Veolia was entrusted with the destruction of 150 metric tons of so-called "precursor B" chemicals and 44 metric tons of hydrochloric acid at its Ellesmere Port incineration plant.

Dry Creek


Development of a thermal treatment facility in Dry Creek

In Dry Creek, Veolia owns and operates South Australia's only hazardous waste thermal destruction facility. It ensures efficient combustion and total destruction of medical and other sensitive waste (animal waste, confidential documents, obsolete stocks, etc.) with exposure to temperatures above 1100°C. In addition, solar panels have been installed on the roofs of the plant to operate some of the equipment, and a project looking at recovering heat generated by the thermal treatment to produce electricity for the neighbouring buildings is in the pipeline.