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Optimizing waste collection


The amount of waste municipalities have to treat is constantly increasing in line with the faster pace of urbanization,. Innovative and environmentally friendly solutions must be developed to ensure efficient waste collection whilst preserving people’s quality of life.

Confronted with having to deal with the increase in the volume of waste being produced, cities face three main challenges:

→ meeting the ever-greater demand for clean streets in order to protect the quality of life of inhabitants and increase their attractiveness
→ reducing their environmental footprint by implementing solutions to limit CO2 emissions
→ modernizing waste collection practices to ensure the safety of operators.

Veolia designs and implements state-of-the-art collection solutions tailored to the challenges, type of housing and lifestyles observed in each of the cities in which it operates.  

Who are our customers ?

Cities, local authorities, and inter-municipal structures

The Veolia Solution


The service is based on an innovative two-step approach: 

→ Firstly, with the local authorities concerned, determining the approach that is best suited to the type of housing and the population density observed in the collection area
→ Subsequently technical and operational solutions are deployed on the basis of criteria relating to local quality of life and the optimum level of service.

This practice has several different types of benefits: 

→ operational: optimization of waste collection rounds, geo-localisation of vehicles, real time visualization of bin capacities
→ environmental: reduction in noise, smooth flow of urban traffic, use of fuel-efficient vehicles
→ economic and social: introduction of incentive pricing for users, preferential use of local labour, operators less exposed to the risk of accident.

Based on proven technical and contractual solutions, the "New Collection" service was designed by Veolia to respond to the need to modernize household waste collection in France. 

Benefits for our customers

Improving the local environment

Reducing collection costs

Improving staff safety

Focus Innovation

Experimenting with collection using a lateral grip mechanism in the Amiens metropolitan area

In Amiens (France), Veolia has experimentally deployed new collection equipment using a lateral grip mechanism. With a joystick and cameras in the cab, the waste collection truck driver quickly and safely lifts the bin: it is emptied in 1 minute, as against 3 minutes for a truck fitted with a crane mechanism.

They chose this solution



Pneumatic waste collection in the Paris-Batignolles eco-district

In 2013, Veolia deployed Paris’ first underground pneumatic collection network in the eco-district of Batignolles. Terminals at the foot of the buildings suck up the bin bags left there by residents. A network of underground pneumatic ducts then routes them to an automated compaction terminal... Easier sorting, no trucks, cleaner urban environment, and less urban pollution are the main benefits offered by this solution.

Brie Nord


Lateral grip mechanism and waste compaction in Brie Nord in the Ile-de-France area

As a result, the volumes collected per waste collection truck are 10 times greater for packaging and 6 times greater for household waste. In addition, sensors placed directly on the skips emit a signal based on how full they are, which makes it possible to optimize the following day’s rounds.

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