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Collective water softening solutions


Although it is subject to a number of preconceived, often negative, ideas, having hard tap water is not all bad. Not dangerous to health, it provides the calcium and magnesium the body needs to function properly, helping to strengthen bones and prevent the risk of cardiovascular disease. However, when the water is very hard, it may dry out sensitive skin and cause limescale build-up on household appliances and in pipes, leading to higher energy consumption and greater use of hygiene products. The right balance has to be found.

Water is more or less hard depending on the nature of the natural pathway it has travelled before being extracted and made drinkable. The hardness will therefore vary depending on the region. Hard water is defined in "French degrees", 1°f being equal to 4 mg of calcium or 2.4 mg of magnesium per litre of water. When the hardness is above 15°f, it is classified as hard water (very hard between 30 and 40°f, and extremely hard above 40°f), and when below 15°f, it is classified as soft water. In France, water hardness is on average between 20 and 30°f. For a household of four people water that is too hard probably costs about €250 per year (expenses related to hygiene products and maintenance, energy, household appliances, etc.). An individual softener would cost somewhere between €1,000 and €4,000, not including the cost of maintenance and products which would add between €50 and €400 per year to the bill. In these circumstances Veolia offers collective water softening solutions, benefiting as many people as possible and enabling a family of 4 to make, on average, savings of €200 per year.

Who are our customers?

Cities and local authorities

Veolia solution

Veolia supports its customers throughout the installation of collective softening solutions, including:

→ A price fixed in advance, with no surprises for households
→ A study phase
→ An implementation period of two years maximum
→ Financing
→ The construction of a softening plant and start-up
→ An established and guaranteed level of water hardness
→ Administrative and regulatory management
→ Communication with local residents
→ 24/7 water quality monitoring

Veolia offers a collective, economical and sustainable water softening alternative for towns with a population of 500 or more.

Benefits for our customers

Smaller environmental footprint

Attractiveness of the territories

Social equity

They chose this solution



Water softening for nearly 6,000 inhabitants in the Eure region

Since 2017, at the request of the Syndicat Intercommunal des Eaux du Vexin Normand, Veolia has operated a collective softening solution that reduces water hardness by half, from 35°f to 18°f.



Area of Metz-Thionville


Creation of two collective water softening plants

Two plants, opened in July 2019, have enabled the Syndicat Intercommunal de la Région de Guénange pour l'Eau et l'Assainissement (SIRGEA), which serves 14,000 inhabitants, to reduce the hardness of its water by half, from 40°f to around 15/20°f, and the Syndicat Intercommunal des Eaux de Florange Sérémange-Erzange (SIEFSE) to reduce the hardness of its water by 10°f, from 35°f to 25°f.