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Non-financial rating

As a company listed on the CAC 40, Veolia is rated for its CSR performance based on its published information and statements.


Veolia Environnement is notably included in the DJSI World and Europe and FTSE4Good stock market indices.

The Group is included in Standard & Poor’s Sustainability Yearbook 2022 in the “Bronze Class”, ranked second out of the companies in its sector.

Veolia Environnement received a B- rating (decile rank: 1) and was awarded “Prime” excellence status by ISS-ESG in 2022. 

Veolia Environnement also obtained the maximum score "Higher disclosure" for ISS’s “Environment and Social QualityScores” assessment.

For Sustainalytics, Veolia Environnement is rated "Medium risk", with ESG management qualified as "strong".

For Moody's ESG Solutions, Veolia Environnement obtained an ESG score of 71/100 in 2022, in 1st place in its Waste and Water Utilities sector in Europe.

In its role as a supplier, with a score of 75/100, Veolia Environnement has been ranked as one of the top 3% of companies appraised by Ecovadis, an agency providing CSR assessment of the supply chain, in September 2022. 


Veolia Environnement’s climate performance received an A rating for CDP Climate change 2022.

With regards to water resources management, Veolia Environnement received an A rating for CDP Water security 2022.

Evaluation criteria

These evaluations are valuable information, as it provides an independent evaluation of the company’s performance and regular monitoring of key sustainable development criteria.

The Group is evaluated on a range of criteria, including governance, human resources management, environmental performance, ethics, human rights, customer and supplier relations, and dialogue with civil society.

The ESG rating allows the Group to stay tuned to the experts and thereby continuously improve its sustainable development process.

Being selected in ESG indexes and being recognized by its customers is an acknowledgement of the company's long-term commitment to CSR and the quality of its performance.

This document sets out the key data on Veolia’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) performance.