Jean-François Nogrette, Senior, Executive Vice President, France & Special Waste Europe

A graduate of Institut National Agronomique de Paris Grignon and of ENGREF-Mines de Paris, Jean-François Nogrette began his career in the Group in 1995 in soil detoxification and rehabilitation operations. Between 1997 and 2002 he spent time in Israel and Canada to develop hazardous waste activities in these countries.

Back in France in 2003, he took over successively at the helm of the Industrial & Innovation Department and subsequently the North of France Regional Department at SARP Industries. In 2010, he is appointed Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of the SARP and SARP Industries. Since May 2015, Jean-François Nogrette is Chief Executive Officer of Veolia Water Technologies. He is also a member of Veolia’s Management Committee.

In 2022, Jean-François Nogrette was appointed Director of the France and Special Waste Europe zone.