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Wake up for the climate!

When you plundge a frog into boiling water, it leaps out in a single bound.
But if you put the frog in cold water and gradually bring it to the boil, it gets used to the warmth, becomes numb to change and ends up boiled.



The moral of the fable:

The same goes for global warming. Temperatures are imperceptibly rising so we are not reacting.
Let's not sink into a stupor! To escape being boiled alive, we need to react, and quickly.
If you are not already half cooked, like the frog, give us a helping hand before it is too late! Take action now!

The fight against climate change is not just for politicians and scientists; it involves the whole of civil society.

With its campaign "Wake up for the climate!", Veolia invites the general public to take action and "decarbonize" its lifestyle, including through the circular economy. The circular economy systematically transforms the waste of some into resources for others while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Through recycling, less becomes more! Less waste and more available resources, less withdrawals from nature and more use, less pollution and more quality of life!


An original campaign on the streets of Paris 




See the flyer "Wake up for the climate!"
Frogs will wake up the city and roam around it. They will visit all the very busy areas of the capital.
The frogs are actually electrical vehicles equipped with loudspeakers playing frog croaking
This mobile sound system will be accompanied by people handing out flyers on the fable of the frog.


Come and meet the frog and find out more about the campaign at Veolia's stand / the REcyclerie, Le Grand Palais (free entry), December 4-10, 2015.