Wiix - Water Impact Index

The Water Impact IndeX is a tool developed by Veolia to measure the impact of activities on a local water resource. It is unique in that it integrates volume, quality and local stress factors into a single indicator. The Water Impact IndeX conforms to current requirements of the ISO 14046:2014 standard related to water footprint assessment.

The WiiX tool is designed for those with some degree of operational understanding of water and wastewater systems, and requires an understanding of a variety of factors (see "about the WiiX tool" at the bottom of the screen). It can be used to analyze both municipal and industrial systems. At the end of the calculation, you will receive a printable PDF report. This report can be used in conjunction with a traditional cost analysis to determine the best ROI in terms of areas in which you can minimize your impact on your local water resource – and maybe even save costs doing so. 

PLEASE NOTE: All information entered into the Water Impact Index tool is confidential. It is not shared nor is it retained. All information belongs to you and the printable PDF report is not saved by Veolia or any other entity.