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How to meet an exponential rise in energy demand?

Population explosion, rapid rise of the middle classes, economic growth, digitalization and increasing mobility – all these factors combined will result in a 30% increase in worldwide energy demand by 2040.

The increase will be largely driven by demand for electricity, which is expected to outpace all other forms of energy by a factor of four to one. Significant growth in renewables will be needed to meet this demand. At the same time, however, fossil fuels will remain dominant, as they will still account for 77% of the  world’s energy mix in 2040.

500 million

The number of people worldwide who will still have little or no access to electricity in 2040.


The increase in worldwide energy demand between 2017 and 2040.


of the 30% growth in  worldwide energy demand will originate from developing countries in Asia (Southeast Asia, India, etc.).

Veolia, key player in the energy sector of the future

Tomorrow’s energy will need to be low carbon, decentralized and digitalized. Veolia is already helping decarbonize energy by developing energy-efficiency solutions – which may reduce carbon emissions by 40% by 2040 – and producing carbon-free energy from waste. The company also manages “smart” local energy grids, which include energy storage systems and information and communication technologies. This decentralized model allows for more flexible management and an optimized balance between energy production, distribution and consumption.


The role of Energy by the year 2040

“We are making great progress towards a clean energy transition, but can further scale up our efforts to meet our SDGs.

Timur Güll ,Senior Energy Analyst at the International Energy Agency (IEA).


Veolia is already on board

Braunschweig: building the city of the future

Ulrich Markurth, City Mayor of Braunschweig
In Braunschweig, we’re doing all we can to meet the targets of the Energiewende – energy production with no negative impact on the climate by 2050.