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Make compliance a differentiator

Compliance is now expected by customers and civil society, as is only natural.

It is crucial to building and maintaining stakeholders’ trust for the long term. Compliance is thus a source of both attractiveness and value creation.
Set up in 2018, Veolia’s Compliance Department consolidates the various means and ways put in place to ensure compliance and strengthens the deployment of methods in order to establish a genuine compliance culture.

For Veolia, compliance has to be approached as an aspect of risk management, but also as a lever for transformation and a factor in differentiation.
Checking compliance is in fact the moment where we question certain processes, which makes it a natural driver for change in the company. Currently, we see an interest in putting in place the most stringent possible ethics and compliance standards; this competitive advantage will be just as important as our expertise for winning contracts in the future.

Jean-Baptiste Carpentier, Director of Compliance
Jean-Baptiste Carpentier, Directeur conformité Veolia

independent Board members make up the Ethics Committee