Prevent risks and seize opportunities

Over the years, Veolia has strengthened its risk management and prevention systems at the global level by introducing new tools and resources to detect risks, improve risk anticipation and mitigation, and wherever possible turn risks into opportunities.

Key dates in the risk management system

Key dates in the risk management system

Some countries where Veolia could usefully provide its expertise to enable access to basic resources have a high risk in terms of political instability, corruption or human rights compliance. We therefore need to undertake the most detailed analysis possible and identify ways these risks can be managed so that Veolia is able to arbitrate between risks and value-creation opportunities to ensure it makes the best possible decision.


Le chiffre 58

indicators to analyze country risks and opportunities.

Olivier Wild, Chief Risk,  Insurance and  Internal Control  Coordination Officer
Olivier Wild, Directeur des risques, des assurances et de la conformité du contrôle interne