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World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought: for responsible management of water resources

This year, the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought focuses on resources that can be implemented locally to build resilience and sustainably manage land. Veolia offers solutions that promote the local and responsible management of water resources, thereby creating favourable conditions for soil conservation and the restoration of biodiversity in arid zones.


Better use of water resources

During the 20th century, the demographic explosion and economic development caused water consumption worldwide to increase by 800%. In parallel, under the effect of climate change, droughts have become more frequent and more serious in many regions. It is therefore crucial to develop local solutions that preserve water resources.

Veolia deploys circular economy water solutions in Australia and South Africa

Faced with water shortages and drought, Australia has been resorting to recycling wastewater and desalinating seawater for the last 30 years. Veolia operates 66 wastewater treatment / recycling and desalination plants in the country. In South Africa, Veolia helps Durban to efficiently preserve its water resources by recycling wastewater for use in local industry. 

Veolia supports the Great Green Wall project in Senegal

Desertification is pauperizing villages in the Sahel. Launched in 2008, the aim of the Great Green Wall is to become a 15 km wide, 7,675 km long plantation crossing 11 countries in Africa from west to east. The Veolia Foundation supports the project in Senegal. In rural pastoral communities in the villages of Widou, Thiengoli and Téssékéré, in the north of the country, the Observatoire Homme-Milieux International (OHMi) analyses the ecological and social impacts of new plantations, from the microbiological level to that of animals and plants and living conditions (economic activity, health, food).


Desertification in figures:

Drought related agricultural land degradation affects 1.5 billion people. 30% of drylands are undergoing desertification, i.e. 12 million hectares more per year. 74% of impoverished people are affected by land degradation.


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