Create sustainable solutions

Resourcing the world means creating innovative and sustainable solutions for industry and local authorities: water management, effluent treatment, waste collection, recycling and recovery, energy efficiency, etc. Innovative and sustainable solutions benefiting from new expertise - in relation to recovering and regenerating industrial waste and digital technologies for smart cities - and new partnerships based on co-construction.


Asia’s largest refiner has chosen Veolia to operate the entire water cycle at its Yanshan petrochemicals complex. This 25-year contract will generate accumulated revenue of €3.27 billion and is fine recognition of Veolia’s oil and gas industry expertise
The Aube department waste authority, SDEDA, has contracted Veolia to build and operate for 25 years a new energy recovery facility for the city of Troyes and its surrounding area. The contract is worth a cumulative €240 million.
Following an international call for tenders, the Armenian government selected Veolia for the affermage contract for all the country’s water and wastewater services. The 15-year contract is worth €800 million.
The United Kingdom and Ireland account for a significant part of Veolia’s sales and over three-quarters of its revenue is from waste and recycling. In 2015, revenue amounted to €2.4 billion, making the UK and Ireland the second most important region for Veolia after France.
Added to which, annual business growth there comes in at between 2% and 3%. In the coming 5 years, Veolia plans to invest more than €890 million in the business.
Petrofac, a British oil and gas industry services company, manages the Rabab Harweel Integrated Project for Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) and has contracted Veolia to supply the industrial water treatment systems for this site.
Food and beverage giant Nestlé selected Veolia to design and build its new wastewater treatment plant in Mossel Bay, South Africa.
The Zer’Eau project contract is worth almost €3.4 million.
In Hong Kong, the future of wastewater treatment plants is already in view. Designed by Veolia, the world’s largest sludge treatment and recovery plant was officially opened in May 2016.
Far more than just an industrial plant, it is an ecological complex that is self-sufficient in water and energy, and complies with the increasingly stringent environmental standards required by Hong Kong.
Smart cities use digital technology to improve citizens’ day-to-day lives, solve problems more efficiently and benefit from the economic development opportunities that this technology brings. To help local government authorities pull off this challenge, Veolia provides them with a comprehensive range of digital solutions: Urban X.