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“Cities for Life”, Forum Smart City La Tribune: Veolia innovates with its stakeholders to build inclusive cities

Cities for Life, the World Summit for Inclusive, Innovative and Resilient Cities, is being held at the Hôtel de Ville in Paris from 21 to 22 November as part of the Smart City Forum La Tribune. Veolia is partnering this event organized under the auspices of the United Nations, the OECD, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Ford Foundation. Antoine Frérot participated this morning in the round table "Innovations, ecosystems and partnerships to build inclusive cities" alongside Patrick Ropert, CEO of SNCF Gares and Connexions, Karin Wanngard, Mayor of Stockholm, Philippe Monloubou, Chairman of Enedis, and Stéphane Richard, Chairman and CEO of Orange.

An inclusive city is a city in which no category of inhabitants is excluded from urban development. Throughout the world, Veolia helps municipalities become more inclusive, by creating economic as well as social value, closer to the territories. In his speech this morning, Antoine Frérot presented the 3 levers that promote urban inclusion: innovation, creating local jobs and partnerships with the actors in the territory.


Innovation in essential services

Applied to essential services, smart technologies are a lever for fostering urban inclusion. They help city dwellers with modest incomes to more effectively control their heat, electricity, and water consumption. For example, thanks to the installation of sensors that monitor consumption, in Nice Veolia has helped numerous families to reduce their bills by 10 to 15%.

Encourage local job creation

In each territory where it is present, Veolia gives priority to local recruitment and the integrating young people in difficulty, in particular by offering them work study contracts.

"To this end, our Group has developed a network of training centres and campuses, located as close as possible to local needs. Built in harmony with local communities and universities, the campus formula is a great success. Currently, our network has 15 campuses," explained Antoine Frérot.

Co-build urban inclusion with territorial actors

Veolia has joined forces with Ashoka, the world's largest social entrepreneur network, to jointly develop projects, in particular incubators focusing on urban inclusion. In Mexico City, Lyon and Toulouse, the Group is partnering start-ups helping low-income families to avoid over-indebtedness and control their energy consumption.

"It is in the interests of the company to mobilize for inclusion. No economic activity can endure if it does not respond to the pressing issues of its time. Fighting exclusion is one of them," concluded Antoine Frérot.



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