COP21: A new advertising campaign talks in a different way about the climate and our solutions

An expert in water, energy and waste management, Veolia has naturally engaged in the battle against climate change. In the lead up to COP 21, Veolia has chosen to raise awareness about the ability of its business lines to provide concrete solutions that not only help preserve the planet’s resources but also invent new ones.
Using a direct, optimistic and cheerful approach, the new multi-media campaign (posters, press and TV) is illustrated by the British artist duo Rude and features five iconic solutions reflecting Veolia's ability to offer low carbon solutions and position itself as a circular economy pioneer.

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Rostock - pub EN
In Rostock, Germany, Veolia recycles a billion plastic bottles annually – reducing CO2 emissions by 113,000 tonnes a year.
Energido - pub EN
In Marseille, France, Veolia is heating the water of an olympic swimming pool at 27°C by capturing the energy of wasted water, which prevents the emission of 230 tons of CO2 per year.
Pècs - pub EN
In Pécs, Hungary, Veolia is turning straw and wood into energy to heat the homes of 170,000 people – reducing CO2 emissions by 400,000 tonnes a year.
Arras Artois Méthanisation - Glace - pub EN
In Arras, France, Veolia is turning organic waste into fertiliser and electricity – reducing CO2 emissions by 2,000 tonnes a year.
Tanger - Pub EN
In Tangier, Morocco. Veolia is turning olive stones into thermal energy in the world’s fi rst zero-carbon car factory.

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In January 2015, the launch of “Resourcing the world” campaign

Our mission to resource the world is threefold: improving access to resources, preserving resources and replenishing resources. Learn more about how we are accomplishing these goals across the world through stories that illustrate our expertise.

Resourcing the World

Veolia has drawn its inspiration from the circular economy to reinvent itself and so to address the major challenges industry and regions are facing. These illustrations show a playful city where the nature happily cohabites with human activity and industry. Veolia is keen to transmit an optimistic view of the environmental and economic issues the world is facing because there are solutions developed by the Group.

In Bordeaux in France, Veolia is dismantling big ships and reusing the materials from them.
In Joure in the Netherlands, Veolia is generating energy from coffee grounds to power a factory and reduce its carbon footprint.
In Milwaukee in the USA, where Veolia manages the city’s sewage system, we are producing fertiliser from dried wastewater sludge.
In Singapore, Veolia uses closed-loop recycling to manage the exceptionally pure water on a large microelectronic industrial site.