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Veolia present at Climate Chance in Agadir

From 11 to 13 September, Climate Chance in Agadir (Morocco) brought together numerous non-state actors involved in fighting climate change. Veolia participated in the event.

This year the Summit focused on the climate change related challenges for countries in Africa and the southern hemisphere: migration, development, and financing adaptation in particular. The dialogue between international non-state actors aims to accelerate the implementation of solutions able to respond to these challenges.

Recycling wastewater to preserve local water resources

Veolia participated in the workshop entitled "Water and sanitation services in the context of climate change in developing countries" organized by PS-Eau (Programme Solidarité Eau). Pierre Victoria, Veolia’s Director of Sustainable Development, presented the example of Durban (South Africa) where wastewater is recycled for use by industry. This makes it possible to limit the amount of drinking water taken, preserve the available resources for producing drinking water, and help resolve conflicts of use in a high water stress region. 

“The choice of sanitation as the theme for World Water Day taken by the United Nations in 2017 is a recognition of the role of sanitation not only for people’s health, protecting natural environments and resilience for cities, but also for the emergence of new resources that are vital for development. Where there is water stress, it is obvious that water is too precious a resource to be used just once before being returned to nature. Global capacity for wastewater recycling is expected to quadruple over the next decade," said Pierre Victoria.

Veolia also took part in the "water and climate change" coalition forum, which highlighted projects developed by various actors (local authorities, businesses, NGOs, universities etc.) that facilitate the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement. These actions on the ground concretely illustrate the significant international commitments, in particular within the framework of the Global Climate Action Agenda Alliances.

Finally, Pierre Victoria spoke at the Confédération Générale des Entreprises du Maroc side-event which focused on the Entreprises Climat Maroc initiative.

Raising awareness about the environment

In the pavilion of its partner, Comité 21, Veolia offered a workshop looking at the challenges of raising awareness to environmental and climate issues. This conference brought together the Association Marocaine des Petits Débrouillards, which raises awareness in schools to water, waste and energy gestures for the environment, and the "think and do tank" of the young Climates, who came to present CopInMyCity, an awareness program to connect young people with climate negotiations and actions for the climate.

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