Office buildings: smarter and more environmentally friendly

We help improve energy efficiency in office buildings and handle all their waste recycling needs. The aim? To optimize costs, maximize property asset values and improve environmental performance.
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Businesses are paying more and more attention to how workspaces are fitted out and to developing ever more sophisticated standards of services. And all this has to be combined with the goal of reducing operating costs and complying with increasingly stringent environmental standards.

Office buildings: combining well-being with energy efficiency

The choices made by managers of office buildings have a direct impact on the performance of the people who work there. Indoor air quality, thermal comfort, acoustics, electrical reliability, lighting and humidity all affect everybody’s well-being and productivity.

Businesses — both tenants and building owners — also want office spaces that make greater use of smart management as this allows them to reduce overall energy use. They are also looking for ways to optimize operational and maintenance costs associated with energy and waste management. These upgrades help maintain the long-term value of property assets.

Energy performance of office buildings: working for the environment

Office buildings are highly energy intensive and a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. This means that environmental considerations have become major factors for building managers and tenants. In the USA for example, the US Appraisal Institute estimates that the commercial value of a LEED-certified office building is approximately 8% higher than a similar conventional building.

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We optimize energy services at over 7,900 office buildings.

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Our practical and effective solutions for business premises

We identify energy savings and guarantee results. For example in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, we connected 7 office buildings to our Hubgrade solution. A process that delivered energy savings of 31%.

We deploy smart solutions to help alter people’s habits and behaviors, backed by detailed in-depth interactive reporting tools. For example in Spain, at 50 office buildings occupied by Indra. Thanks to the reporting system backed by 162 separate energy-saving measures, electricity use fell 10% and annual CO2 emissions by 2,500 metric tons.

We cut greenhouse gas emissions. For example in Sydney, Australia, we obtained green certification that boosted the asset value of the office building at 74 Castlereagh Street. We also cut CO2 emissions by 35%.

We ensure continuity of essential services. For example at the European parliament building in Brussels, Belgium, we ensure the health and safety of working conditions, as well as delivering a 10% cut in gas use.