Managing energy: tomorrow’s services

We manage heating and cooling networks, develop services to reduce energy consumption and optimize industrial utilities. The aim? Manage energy consumption, which helps to reduce CO2 emissions and conserve resources.
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Worldwide, we provide cities and industries with our unique expertise in energy management. We optimize their procurements, balance their energy mix with renewable energy and make the necessary changes to improve the energy efficiency of their facilities.

Designing and managing heating and cooling networks

Hundreds of cities around the world have chosen us to operate and manage their heating and cooling networks: we provide heating, domestic hot water and air conditioning to public and private buildings.

We help cities define their low-carbon strategy and intelligent energy management by developing mixes that encourage the use of renewable and alternative energy: geothermal, biomass, cogeneration or even recovery of heat produced by household waste incineration and wastewater treatment plants, etc.

Reduce the energy consumed by buildings

We develop energy services for buildings to reduce their energy consumption and carbon emissions, while maintaining occupant comfort. Following an energy audit, we draw up a progress plan that includes the installation of more efficient energy equipment, tools for monitoring consumption and performance, as well as measures to encourage occupants to be more energy efficient.

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Hubgrade: 15% energy savings

Hubgrade is the Group's digital solution used to monitor, assess and optimize energy, water and waste resources in real time, in order improve infrastructure management and predict aging. Combining human and digital expertise, Hubgrade provides users with secure, personalized and transparent access to data relating to their contracts and facilities, as well as optimizing their service operations.
This tool improves energy management with up to 15% savings on energy bills.
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Optimizing industry utilities

Our industrial energy management solutions provide reliability, quality, availability and cost where energy is a crucial aspect of competitiveness. We optimize production from industrial utilities, whatever their nature (steam, cold, electricity and compressed air), as well as the energy used for processes and industrial buildings. Our solutions help secure our clients' supplies and reduce their energy and carbon footprint.
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We are committed to combatting climate change and helping all business sectors to reduce their carbon emissions, e.g., the oil and gas industry, which we are helping to meet the challenges of sustainable development.