Mining industry: our solutions for a sustainable future

We work with mining companies to design and implement solutions for water management, resource recovery, waste management, industrial cleaning and energy efficiency. The aim is to reconcile productivity and sustainability.

Increasingly scarce resources, environmental responsibility, etc. The challenges facing the mining industry

As the grade and quality of deposits decline, the mining industry is forced to use more resources to extract the same amount of ore. Water, energy and waste management combine to form a significant expense line for mines, which are often located in arid and remote areas. In addition, the waste generated is potentially hazardous.

In addition, stricter environmental regulations and increased public pressure make it difficult for mining companies to maintain their operating permits. They need to develop strategies to limit their exposure to risks, and implement best practices to cut clean-up costs. It is also by reducing the impact of mining on land and the environment, and by improving cooperation with local communities, that mining industries can ensure the sustainable acceptability and therefore the productivity of their business.

Mine Anglogold en Australie

We work with more than 100 mining sites worldwide. With a global market share of almost 8%, we are the leading supplier of environmental services to the mining industry.

Our solutions to combine productivity and responsibility

We reduce mining costs. By developing unique synergies between water, waste and energy, we help create more value. For example, we have implemented a comprehensive waste strategy in Australian iron ore mines. We sort waste and recycle oily wastewater on site to minimize disposal costs. The result is a savings of AUD1 million each year.

We maximize mine production. We make the most of a mine's potential, reclaiming valuable resources. At a copper mine in Chile, we process three million cubic meters of waste each year to recover residual copper and feed it back into our client's production process.

We help maintain operating permits, with solutions that ensure plant uptime and avoid shutdowns. In Ghana, we upgraded a gold mine's wastewater treatment plant to maintain compliance with waste disposal standards.

We minimize the environmental impact of mining and give mines a second life. In Australia, for example, we converted a former mine site into a facility to produce bioenergy from municipal waste. The site now provides electricity to 2,500 homes.

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