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How can we get biodiversity out of the niche of volunteer engagement and make it a real competitive factor?

The very nature of Veolia’s activities contributes to conserving biodiversity. We work to clean up water that is returned to rivers and oceans. We limit pollution of the ground, rivers and oceans by collecting and treating household and industrial waste. We preserve natural resources by recycling this waste. Our core business is inextricably tied to protecting the natural world. But our activities also have their own environmental footprint. This is something we are striving to reduce as far as possible by constantly improving the operational performance of our processes and incorporating more and more innovative solutions inspired by nature (bio-indicators, green infrastructure, ecological management, etc.). For example, we offer to create planted discharge areas (wetlands) for our clients at the outlet to wastewater treatment plants. These areas further improve the quality of discharge water, which already meets applicable regulatory standards, by removing residual pollutants prior to ultimate discharge into the natural environment. The wetlands also provide excellent biodiversity habitats.

Biodiversity challenges are embedded in all our service offers for municipal and industrial clients. We will never stop innovating and planning ahead to meet the ever-growing expectations of our clients and society as a whole in terms of caring for the environment, health and wellbeing.