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How is Veolia going to apply the No Herbicides or Pesticides rule to the open spaces it manages?

Veolia is determined to adopt a comprehensive, ecologically focused open space management system at all its sites, including those it operates on behalf of clients. We issued a practical guide to site management in 2016 that helps site operators to introduce their own measures to ensure open spaces are managed more sustainably (ecological management guide). The guide explains how to limit the use of pesticides and herbicides. We have already switched to no pesticides and herbicides for some of our contracts. Examples include the contract with SEDIF, the Ile-de-France water authority, which operates a program called phyt’Eaux Cités that guarantees the absence of pesticide and herbicide residues from all surface and groundwater used to supply its drinking water plants. And Veolia in Germany is 100% free of all products of this type. Veolia manages, on its own behalf or for its clients, over 7,500 sites worldwide and some of these are still required to look neat. There remains a reluctance to accept a more natural approach to landscape management on the part of some of our staff, clients and users. People’s attitudes are slowly changing and the process has to be supported by communication campaigns reaching out to internal and external stakeholders. This is especially important regarding our clients, as they alone decide how open spaces at their sites are to be managed. We are currently looking into this issue and it is likely to be included as a commitment in our future National Biodiversity Strategy, at the very least by setting an example at our own sites.