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Veolia’s Ecological Management Guide, a proven method

Veolia has produced a practical guide for managers at its 7,500 wholly owned or managed sites. The guide is designed to help them manage sites in an environmentally responsible manner and to make alterations to favor wildlife and biodiversity. The guide sets out a range of standalone actions for supporting ecosystems that should be integrated into the design and/or management of sites. It was produced in partnership with IUCN France and draws on feedback from past experiences. It contains technical and regulatory guidance as well as contact details for local nonprofit organizations and similar bodies relevant to the types of actions proposed. The various sections of the guide deal with managing green spaces, maintaining trees, installations favorable to wildlife (shelters, boxes, etc.), buildings and biodiversity, use of herbicides and pesticides, and managing invasive non-native species. The guide is available as a free internet download.

This process helps to maintain and enhance biodiversity at sites and the areas adjacent to them.