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Dubai maximizes its energy performance

Veolia in Dubai, working through its Enova subsidiary, has set up an energy performance management center for buildings, helping deliver lasting falls in their energy consumption.

The integrated platform is known as Hubgrade. It collates and analyzes real-time data collected by sensors and systems in the field. This hypervisor tool speeds up the time it takes to spot faults and identify ways to improve energy performance.

Simply installing a remote management system is enough to deliver an average 5% saving on a building’s energy costs. Installing the energy-saving measures,  made possible by extremely accurate real-time monitoring,  delivers cuts in consumption of 25% to 35% depending on the type of building and the initial investment: i.e., a cut in CO2 emissions of close to 3,250 metric tons annually.

Veolia is helping Dubai to achieve a 30% cut in its energy consumption by 2030.