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Électr’od, the facility that produces the most renewable energy from biogas in France

The Plessis-Gassot site, close to Paris, processes around 950,000 metric tons of non-recyclable waste a year. The Électr’od facility at the site was opened in 2013. Every year it produces 100 GWh of electricity from captured biogas – as much as four wind turbines and equivalent to the electricity consumption of 40,000 households (not including heating). In July 2017, 2,000 homes were connected to its district heating network.

By transforming non-recyclable municipal and business waste into renewable energy (electricity and heat), Électr’od is a perfect illustration of the circular economy. The solution helps to combat the climate emergency by producing energy from on-site biogas. This is replicable technology and Électr’od could be installed at other biogas-generating facilities, such as household or farm waste anaerobic digesters or industrial and municipal wastewater plants.