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Landfill for the low-carbon era in Laogang, China

The Laogang landfill site, in Shanghai’s Pudong district, opened in 1989.

In 2008, a joint venture called Shanghai Laogang Landfill Gas-to-Energy was set up by partners Shanghai Environment Group and Hong Kong Bloom Country, a wholly owned Veolia subsidiary. This enabled the creation of a system to capture methane gas from waste at the site and to convert the gas into energy. This is a major step forward because methane is a potent greenhouse gas with an impact 28 times greater than CO2, and it also has a high calorific value when converted. The site began by generating electricity from biogas in a closed loop for its own use, and in 2012 it was connected to the national electricity grid.

Veolia provides the project with technical expertise in gas collection and preliminary treatment, gas motors and generators, and network interconnection systems. Veolia also provides its environmental protection know-how: cutting pollution by capturing methane, and closed-loop clean-up and cooling system with zero water discharges or solid waste emissions that meets Chinese greenhouse gas emission standards.