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Veolia’s partnership with Yoyo, the startup that rewards good sorters

Even though 80% of household waste is generated in towns and cities, recycling of household waste in these environments is stagnating – collection of PET is still below 35% in France. Against this backdrop, Yoyo has set up a collaborative platform that supports people who want to sort their own waste and get something back.

The way it works is simple: people drop off their plastic bottles and other plastic waste packaging in different colored Yoyo bags that are then sent off to be recycled. This solution responds to the growing demand for good quality recycled plastics.

Veolia was won over by the innovative concept and took a minority shareholding in the startup.

Yoyo aims to set up operations in 10 French cities, which could lead to an annual 5 million plastic bottles being recovered. The Yoyo concept has several benefits: fewer sorting errors, which increases recycling, as well as savings in energy and transportation due to a short waste circuit.
Lastly, the partnership provides Veolia with extra feedstock of high-quality, locally treated plastic waste in collection and sorting centers throughout France. Yoyo is now present in Bordeaux, Lyon, Mulhouse and Marseille and is getting ready to start operations in Le Havre. The startup also encourages users who want to set up the program in their own city to get in touch.

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