Fundamental human and social rights

Committed to social cohesion and stability, particularly at a time when our organization is changing we pay even more attention not only to the quality of social dialogue with employee representative bodies but also to respecting diversity, the principle of equality of opportunity and to fighting discrimination.


CSR Performance Digest 2016

CSR performance

This document sets out the key data on Veolia’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) performance.

Ensuring respect for diversity and fundamental human and social rights within the company


Ensure over 90% of employees have access to a social dialogue mechanism.



In 2016, 90% of employees had access to a social dialogue mechanism

900 collective agreements signed
8884 employee representatives.

Diversity and professional equality for women and men are one of the issues in performance, credibility and fairness. Veolia needs to attract all talents at all levels of the company and in all occupations.

As part of its diversity commitments, Veolia has established an action plan focusing on equality in the workplace and has set the following objectives for the end of 2020: 

Social Initiatives 2017
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Innovation and cooperation, driving performance
  • 30% of women in management
  • 25% of women in management teams (Comex-Codir - senior executives)

In 2016, the percentage of women in the Group’s workforce was 19.4%.


2016 female-employees