Natural resources

By recycling products and materials, Veolia establishes a virtuous and environmentally responsible circle that reuses natural resources in other production processes. A key player in the circular economy, Veolia offers solutions that add value to resources, maximize productivity and promote their responsible use locally. We also develop treatment approaches especially designed to deal with damaging pollutants.


Protocol for the Measurement and Reporting of Environment Indicators (1.81 MB)


Sustainably manage natural resources through the circular economy



Generate turnover of over €3.8 billion related to the circular economy



This document sets out the key data on Veolia’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) performance.

In 2018 Veolia generated a turnover of 4.8 billion euros related to the circular economy.
Veolia deploys solutions that combine technology, moderated use and improved efficiency to conserve resources, both in the exercise of its own activities and on behalf of its customers.

• Reducing raw material consumption by recovering waste

Veolia is firmly committed to recovery and recycling, in particular by developing energy and organic recovery systems for the waste it receives for treatment. The overall recovery rate (including hazardous waste) of all the waste treated by Veolia (almost 49 million tons) reached 67,6% in 2018.


• Reducing the water footprint

Veolia has developed technical solutions to help its customers control their use of water resources. The Water Impact Index (WIIX) is a water footprint indicator enabling decision-makers (businesses and local authorities) to make decisions about their water resource management and use. It applies as much to public water and sanitation services as to industry and can be combined with the True Cost of Water tool which financially evaluates water associated risk.

• Minimizing losses in water distribution networks

In many cities round the world, distribution network leaks account for a significant proportion of the water lost. Conscious of this problem, Veolia has made leak reduction a priority. Leak detection and repair and loss reduction programs are offered to our customers and other levers are used – such as more efficient metering and optimized network pressure management.

• Developing water recycling


Saving primary natural resources is also about developing alternative resources, such as recycling treated wastewater. 


​• Reducing raw material consumption through recycling

Veolia is firmly committed to recovery and recycling, in particular though the development of waste treatment systems that recycle or recover materials, energy and organic waste.