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Solutions and expertise

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Worldwide, we provide our public and private customers with solutions to conserve resources, use them efficiently and recycle them


Long-term support to help our client improve their environmental footprint



Globally recognized and sought-after expertise in hazardous waste management

Hazardous waste management - Focus on the Middle East

Use of digital to enhance servives but with a balance between people and technology

Hubgrade, a smart control center

In all its businesses, the Group is boosting its expertise by using digital technology and data processing to improve service performance and the quality of the client experience.

At the center of tis approach is Hubgrade, a smart control center created by Veolia to centralize ad analyze for its clents data gathered on the water, energy and waste services provided. 

Hubgrade is an excellent example of the "copy and adapt" approach adopted by Veolia to disseminate expertise and best practices between businesses and geographic regions.

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8,500 sites or contracts connected to a Hubgrade system worldwide in 2019

Hubgrade in Spain :

• 5 control centers
• 2,200 sites monitored
• 25,000 sensors and meters


• Responsive collaborative work with the client at the heart of the system.
• Conservation and optimum use of natural resources.
• Predictive, targeted maintenance, and rapid correction of underperformance.
• Transparency and trust throughout the term of the contract.
• Savings and improved experience for the client.


Preventing plastic pollution:
a global challenge for us all

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Air quality in schools:
first experiment in France

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Air quality in schools: first experiment in France

Indoor air pollution is a particularly worrying problem for schools and nurseries. Veolia has adapted its technology used in hospital operating rooms and offered it to the Le Raincy municipality in the Paris region to trial indoor air quality solutions in two primary schools; at the same time, the trial will prove the solutions’ efficacy.

An agreement was signed on National Air Quality Day on September 18, 2019, with the aim of making Le Raincy the first town in France to guarantee totally non-polluted air in its classrooms.

Jean-Michel Genestier et Antoine Frérot


Air pollution is the 4 leading risk factor for mortality in the world (source: WHO).


Indoor air can be up to 8 times more polluted than outdoor air (source: WHO).

17,000 deaths could be prevented each year in France if all French municipalities respected the microparticle levels recommended by WHO (source: Santé publique France).