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This fact is often forgotten but the chemical industry supplies all other industries. As an industry of industries, it has a vital role in the design of a large number of everyday objects and products (clothing, medicines, cars, smartphones, etc.) supplying active ingredients, hydrochloric acid, vitamins, plastics, polyurethane, etc
Governments seek to protect their territory and population as efficiently as possible at the same time as containing costs and respecting the environment. In this context, Veolia understands that it is essential to provide long-term support for strategic defence infrastructure in order to ensure the success of the combat forces' operational mission.
The construction sector consumes a large amount of both water and energy and in addition generates great quantities of waste. The sector will therefore have to evolve in order to limit its environmental impact.
The emergence of new pathologies, increasingly numerous and demanding consumers, globalization, market digitalization and technological advances means that the pharmaceutical industry is at a pivotal point. It needs to better protect patients and retain consumers over the long term while minimizing its environmental impact on the planet.
The pulp & paper industry has long been seen as one of the most polluting industries on the planet. It is no longer the case, but to continue growing and also to reduce their ecological footprint, the sector is looking for new solutions from partners such as Veolia.
The leading industrial sector in the world is a major consumer of water and energy. It also produces important quantities of organic waste and solid waste such as plastic, glass and paper. Conditioned by changing food habits, demographic growth and an increase in living standards, the main challenge facing the sector is to successfully meet growing customer demands for elaborate, safe and nutritious food and beverages while reducing its resource consumption and controlling environmental, social and societal impacts.
Smart, green, pleasant, sustainable... Eco-neighbourhoods meet the twofold challenge of improving residents’ quality of life and managing resources in a sustainable way.