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ChangeNOW Summit 2020: Veolia, official event partner, presents its concrete and innovative solutions for the territories.

Through its subsidiary Nova Veolia, Veolia partners ChangeNOW, the first universal exhibition of solutions for the planet, which was held at the Grand Palais in Paris for 3 days (from 30 January to 1 February 2020). It attracted 20,000 visitors, 1,000 solutions, 500 investors, 250 speakers and 50 mayors from major cities around the world, forming an innovative ecosystem of concrete solutions for the planet. The aim: to accelerate the transition to a sustainable world and help these solutions develop on a large scale by giving them maximum visibility and opportunities. Veolia presented its projects there.

The main themes of ChangeNOW 2020 were: sustainable cities and mobility, plastics and new packaging, sustainable energy, the circular economy, responsible finance and consumption, agriculture and biodiversity, health challenges and protecting the oceans.

The ChangeNOW approach is in Veolia's DNA

Estelle Brachlianoff, Veolia’s Chief Operating Officer, addressed the many elected officials from more than 40 countries:

As a global leader in environmental services with a mission to "resource the world", being a partner in the international exhibition of solutions for changing the world was a natural fit for us. Present in 45 countries, Veolia is determined to retain the agility that comes from its local roots. The ChangeNOW approach, which brings together solutions from all over the world, matches our DNA because our solutions have to adapt to the particular local contexts.

A few examples of solutions from Veolia and its ecosystem for resourcing territories:

Reuse : a drip irrigation and sprinkler service for green spaces fed by recycled waste water, which also helps to create urban wetlands.

- Birdz, an expert in IoT / Cloud for Smart Cities, gathers hundreds of millions of pieces of data every day to help cities, buildings and businesses reduce their environmental footprint.

Waste Box, the digital solution for short circuit collection, treatment and recycling of waste from construction sites.

- API-Smart and its connected hives that record the movement of bees and the state of their environment in order to stem the problem of excess mortality among the world's most important pollinators: already there are 500 API-Smart hives.

- Lulu dans ma rue a new means of integration based on local solidarity concierge services that bring together "Lulus" looking for work and residents in search of skills: already there are 950 Lulus, 46,000 customers and 150,000 requests for services. 

- Urban cooling and its absorbent paving stones to combat the consequences of global warming.

- Urban Board measures and analyses a city's environmental footprint from multiple data sources in a single mapping dashboard. 


Other Veolia initiatives

As part of the event, Veolia issued a white paper entitled Environnement et Territoires : 15 propositions pour faire la différence, jointly written with Valeurs Vertes, on reducing the quantity of waste, improving air quality, adapting to drought episodes, etc. The Veolia Institute also presented its more forward-looking report on artificial intelligence, smart cities, urban agriculture and fighting plastic pollution.

Claire Falzone, CEO of Nova Veolia, and Estelle Brachlianoff, Veolia’s Chief Operating Officer