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World Economic Forum Davos 2020: launch of the 1st self-assessment tool to enable companies to measure their circular performance online

"Measure your circular performance!": 26 WBCSD members - including Veolia - have developed Circular Transition Indicators (CTIs) to help companies of all sizes and in all sectors self-assess their circular performance. Presented on 21 January at the World Economic Forum in Davos, the WBCSD's Circular Transition Indicators tool provides companies with a common language and decision support. It is available online free of charge.


The momentum moving away from a linear economic model continues. And the private and public sectors are now setting targets for the circularity of their products and flows within territories. The transparency and methodology offered by the WBCSD Circular Transition Indicators (CTI) help establish a common language across industries and governments. Beyond measuring the circularity of their products, companies can now integrate an assessment of their business model and so accelerate their transition to the circular economy.

The CTI tool guides companies through the self-assessment process to answer the following questions:

  • How circular is my company?
  • How do I set improvement targets?
  • How do I monitor improvements resulting from circular activities?

This self-assessment of companies' circular performance can be used as a basis for discussions about their value chain with suppliers, customers and partners. It leaves it up to each company to judge whether the results are in line with its ambitions, thereby putting the company in control of its own circular transition.



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