Veolia ranked "A-" by the CDP for its action in fighting climate change

By giving Veolia the score of "A-" for 2018, the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) recognizes the Group in its sector of activity, which is rated "B-", and in relation to all French companies, which are also rated "B-".
The CDP’s Score Report enables companies to measure and compare their progress and environmental impact against their peers in order to improve their governance and actions for climate change


The CDP - a non-profit organization - has been managing the world's most comprehensive self-reported environmental database for the last 15 years. 
In 2018, data from more than 7,000 companies were collected in 50 countries and screened against the following criteria: disclosure, awareness, management, leadership in environmental management, climate change actions and commitments.


Veolia is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, both its own and those of its customers. Among the 9 sustainable development commitments made by the Group in 2015, 4 relate directly to fighting climate change:

  • Achieve 100 million metric tons CO2eq of reduce emissions on installations managed by Veolia between 2015 and 2020.
  • Achieve 50 million metric tons CO2eq of avoided emissions for the Group's customers, thanks to energy, water and material recovery, between 2015 and 2020.
  • Capture more than 60% of methane from Veolia's waste storage centres by 2020.
  • Achieve more than €3.8 billion in circular economy-related turnover by 2020.

Finally, Veolia contributes to fighting climate change by developing adaptation solutions for territories wishing to strengthen their resilience