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Kuwait: Veolia will treat wastewater from the KIPIC refinery in Al Zour, with a goal of "zero liquid discharge" (ZLD)

Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company (KIPIC) entrusts Veolia with the operation of the wastewater treatment plant at its refinery in Al Zour, southern Kuwait. 


The Al Zour refinery - one of the largest petrochemical complexes in the world - will be able to produce up to 615,000 barrels per day once commissioned, bringing Kuwait's refining capacity to over 1.5 million barrels a day.


KIPIC has awarded Veolia a 7 year contract to manage the refinery’s waste treatment plant that will process and recycle 1,500 m3 / h of wastewater. Veolia will also provide sludge incineration and optimize treatment and recycling, with a goal of zero liquid discharge (ZLD).


In a region of the world undergoing unprecedented development, this new success confirms that natural resource management has now become a strategic issue for industry. 

We chose Veolia because it offers integrated management of the utilities in our facilities dedicated to refining, petrochemicals and liquefied natural gas imports. Through this contract, our employees will benefit from the transfer of expertise and skills of Veolia, which represents a major interest for our local economy.
Khaled Anwar Al Awadi,
Deputy CEO of KIPIC, in charge of the Al Zour refinery.
Christophe Maquet, Veolia’s Executive Vice President Africa & Middle East
Major industrial operators such as KIPIC are expressing growing needs for operational excellence and compliance with increasingly stringent regulations in terms of discharging pollutants. By offering solutions that deliver both performance and competitiveness, Veolia has the responses to their requirement in relation to water, waste treatment and performance.
Christophe Maquet,
Veolia’s Executive Vice President Africa & Middle East.