Australia: Veolia will manage the country's first waste energy recovery facility

The new Kwinana plant (western Australia) will produce 40 MW of green energy - equivalent to the consumption of 50,000 households: an environmentally friendly solution that will optimize waste management and provide the community with a local, secure and economical energy supply.

Located in Kwinana, near Perth, the plant will process 400,000 tonnes of municipal solid waste per year. It is estimated that over 800 jobs will be created during the construction phase, with a further 34 permanent operational positions once the plant is commissioned. Veolia will operate and maintain the plant for 25 years.

“We work every day to make waste a valuable resource and pride ourselves on our long standing track record operating Waste to Energy facilities around the globe. We are very proud that this major project is a step further towards delivering energy security and affordability to many Australian households, whilst also reducing the environmental impact of waste - a true example of the circular economy," said Danny Conlon, Executive Vice President Veolia Australia and New Zealand

Veolia's green energy in Australia

Veolia already produces green energy in other parts of Australia. In New South Wales notably, in Woodlawn, the Group transforms the methane produced by organic waste into green energy for 30,000 homes.

Key figures :

In Australia, Veolia employs 4,000 people on 200 sites.
Globally, the Group operates 63 waste to energy production facilities.


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Press release: Paris-Sydney, October 22, 2018